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About IceChem Tankers

Who we are and what we do

IceChem Tankers was founded in 2018 to provide commercial pool management services for our partners entrusting us with a fleet of 10 x Coated and 1A Ice Classed Chemical Tankers ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 DWT.

Our core trading area is the North Atlantic, including Baltic, East Coast Canada (incl. Great Lakes), Continent, Western Mediterranean, U.S. East and Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, carrying full loads as well as parcels of chemicals, oil products, liquid fertilizers and vegetable oils.

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Letter from the Managing Director

Our approach makes a difference

At IceChem Tankers we strive to provide our customers with the most flexible and competitive service, safely transporting your bulk liquid chemicals and oil products in the most demanding geographical areas and offering constant attention to your needs and expectations. After having entrusted your valuable cargoes in our hands we want you always to feel that you made the right decision by going with IceChem Tankers.

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Highest standards and experience

With all ships in our fleet having outstanding safety records and being approved to the highest standards of all major oil and chemical companies, we have established a portfolio of business securing a healthy mix of Spot, Contract of Affreightment and Time Charter coverage.

Our chartering and operations activities are handled from offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Stamford, Connecticut U.S. by a highly experienced and professional team with more than 100 years combined experience in our core trades. Our technical operations & vetting and Finance/Accounting colleagues are found in Riga and Cyprus all of us connected on the most efficient and modern communication and vessel management platforms and at the same time being closest possible to our customers in all our functions.

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